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Showing our work at Hauser Estates

On Sept 20th Hauser Estates in Biglerville,  PA will host the Adams County Art Council’s, Art at the Winery show. It is small as far as art shows go, but as the man said there are no small parts. Any exposure to people interested enough to attend this show in this lovely place is good, good exposure. The Adams County Art Council supports art forms of all kinds and has some really great people as members and supporters.

If you are in central PA and want to have a picnic on the hill overlooking the Round Red Barn and beautiful country side, come out and join us. There is good wine to be had as well as apple cider. This place was an apple orchard at one time. Hope to see you there.

On another note I will be attending a Presidential Paint And Wine Night event held by ACAC and the Eisenhower National Historic Site and the Gettysburg Foundation. Night includes a tour and then we will attempt to copy one of Ike’s paintings. What fun!! Ike was a very good artist. A side of him I was not aware of. I have also been asked to show some of my beaded hand bags at Gallery 50 of the Art Alliance in Waynesboro. Again, good exposure.