Our Story


DC Creations Art is the child of Dave and Caroline Laskowski. Under that name is DC Photo Art and DC Fabric Art.

Dave is a photographer that has been honing his skill for over 30 years. His studio is the world where he picks up on found items, buildings, etc, etc… The main medium he uses is film, yes we know, but it has been around for a long time and for black and white there is no comparison. We have a darkroom where he uses all tried and true darkroom techniques to create the brilliant silver gelatin prints. Dave does not use PhotoShop on any of his work. Only the aforementioned darkroom techniques.

At times a print lends itself to hand-tinting and that is where Caroline steps in. Hand-tinting with Marshall photo oils results in a soft, really old fashioned look. It is what was done before color film, and certainly before computer manipulation (which is also interesting.) The underlying silver gelatin print adds to the mystery of the hand-tinted creation.

Caroline also makes custom clothes, purses, and decorator pillows. Only purses and pillows are on the website as clothes need to be fitted to clients. The hand beaded purses are worth a look. Not much like them around and each is unique.

We hope you enjoy our work and come back often to see what is new. The world is a very big place and we have just begun to work our way through it.

Our work can also be found at Etsy.com. dcphotoart.etsy.com and dcfabricart.etsy.com.

Dave and Caroline