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A New Year And A New Inventory

Now that Dave has retired it is time to really get busy with this business. We have moved to Texas and have decided to slowly expand the business. He will be assessing his photos and I will be adding beaded pillows to my selections. We will both be very busy with this along with still setting up in a new house. A studio is in the future and I for one am looking forward to it. We will also be kicking-up our web page and will need professional help for that.

Here is hoping everyone out there has a wonderful 2018.

Dave and Caroline

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Going to expand the business

We are taking our artistic talents to the next level by expanding our business. We are going into room decor as a natural move. Dave’s photography and my skills with sewing and a paint brush are what we are bringing to this endeavor. We are really pretty good at decorating as well.

The goal is to work with the client to give them their dream room. Tag line to be put on business cards and marketing media is “Together we create your perfect room”. I know we can do this.

Check back to see how it is going.IMG_0782 after the dance

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Happy Holidays

Hope everyone enjoys the coming holidays. If your holiday includes gift giving remember to shop small. Maybe something unique from DC Creations Art. We have free shipping for USA.


Caroline and Dave

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Time marches on

Seems that time is getting away from me. It is the only thing that no human can replace once it is gone. I have been wasting mine by not paying more attention to our business. We create beautiful stuff and I have been lax in letting the country know it. Looking for sources to let everyone know about DC Creations Art that does not cost a bundle.

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Showing our work at Hauser Estates

On Sept 20th Hauser Estates in Biglerville,  PA will host the Adams County Art Council’s, Art at the Winery show. It is small as far as art shows go, but as the man said there are no small parts. Any exposure to people interested enough to attend this show in this lovely place is good, good exposure. The Adams County Art Council supports art forms of all kinds and has some really great people as members and supporters.

If you are in central PA and want to have a picnic on the hill overlooking the Round Red Barn and beautiful country side, come out and join us. There is good wine to be had as well as apple cider. This place was an apple orchard at one time. Hope to see you there.

On another note I will be attending a Presidential Paint And Wine Night event held by ACAC and the Eisenhower National Historic Site and the Gettysburg Foundation. Night includes a tour and then we will attempt to copy one of Ike’s paintings. What fun!! Ike was a very good artist. A side of him I was not aware of. I have also been asked to show some of my beaded hand bags at Gallery 50 of the Art Alliance in Waynesboro. Again, good exposure.

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We have arrived!

Finally have accomplished uploading all ready items including three new hobo bags. The process of keeping two different web sites updated takes time from the actual creation of our art works. Not a bad thing. We can choose the times we wish to do all this computer work. Laundry can be going on, TV can be going on. Well, you get the picture. Anyway, enjoy your stay with us.

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We are getting there

Working on a web page for two entirely different artists is very time consuming, and, at times frustrating. However when things start to pull together it is wonderful. Today I started adding the DC Fabric Art part of DC Creations. Since most items are also found on Etsy it is only a matter of copy and paste, but still takes time.

Put beaded bags on first as they are my favorites. We still have many things to take pics of and post to here, Facebook, Twitter, on and on. Hang in with us to enjoy the trip.